A Taste Of What’s Coming: A Brief Look At Brian Traxler


Brian Traxler is just one part of what the game of baseball is about, and yet it could be said that without stories like that of Brian Traxler’s, the game as we know it would not exist. The big first baseman played in nine major league games.  He had eleven major league at bats.  He had one major league hit, a pinch-hit double off of Dennis Martinez of the Montreal Expos, good for a career .091 batting average.

And yet that only tells a small part of the story.  A son of Waukegan, Illinois, Traxler played six seasons in an Albuquerque Dukes uniform and was a fan favorite just about everywhere he went.  He played in the Dominican.  He played in Venezuela.  He played a season in the Japanese league.

Traxler passed away at age 37 in San Antonio, Texas, on November 19th, 2004, leaving behind family, friends, and a daughter with his eyes and his ability to take a bat and hit a ball hard and far somewhere on a baseball or softball field.  Brian Traxler is remembered as a man who loved the game and loved the people in his life even more.

Baseball Magazine pays tribute to not only the game’s stars but the game’s stories.  On Hall of Fame weekend we’ll bring Brian back to life and tell his.

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3 thoughts on “A Taste Of What’s Coming: A Brief Look At Brian Traxler

  1. Is the Brain traxler ball for sale? I grew up with him he was a great guy we lived in the same neighborhood we played alot of baseball


    • Hey Ricky, thanks for stopping by.

      The Traxler ball is actually housed and treasured with Gabby Traxler and Gabby and Brian’s daughter Ashley in their home in San Antonio. They were generous enough to extend their hospitality to me and open their home on a recent trip. I don’t think they could put a price on it, honestly.

      Brian certainly was a great guy, gone too soon. It’s amazing to see how many people loved him. Even a lot of Dodger fans remember Brian and his brief Major League service time fondly.

      I’m going to be working on a longer piece about Brian to coincide with Hall of Fame weekend. Be on the lookout.



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