The Debut Digital Magazine Is Now Available

The long wait is over. The staff of Baseball Magazine proudly introduce the first ever, digital-exclusive issue. This debut issue features stories of both historical significance and current relevance.

Inside, you will find articles on an historical “what if”, looking at a trade of future Hall of Famers between the Yankees and Red Sox that fell through last minute because of the desire to include a 3rd future Hall of Famer.

There’s a story about how Pablo Sandoval, managed to alienate the entire San Francisco Giants fan base, a memorial piece in honor of the late Yogi Berra, part one of an exclusive contribution about the Brooklyn Dodgers and much more.

The cover story is that of Art Pennington, a former Negro League ballplayer turned civil rights advocate known as “Superman”. A man who played with the likes of Jackie Robinson, and missed out on a chance at the Majors, because of legal technicalities.

Help the history of baseball come to life like never before. Download your free copy of this debut issue today.

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