The November Digital Issue Is Now Available

Letter From The Editors:

The November Digital Download is now available by clicking the cover image found just to the right. We are truly excited to bring you this month’s issue as we have contributions from Former Dodgers’ GM Fred Claire, who discusses his joy over the relaunch of our magazine. Along with Fred, former big league reliever, John D’Acquisto, who still works for Major League Baseball, shares his most recent love–his artwork, with some wonderful pieces of past teammates, contemporaries from his era in the game, and some of the game’s current stars. We are honored that he was willing to share his beautiful work with us, and with you.

November 2015 Issue

November 2015 Issue

As our family of staff writers continues to grow, we open this issue with a contribution from Wayne Cavadi. Wayne was someone I invited to join Baseball Magazine from its inception. Wayne is a busy guy however, writing for several other sites, and also as a contributor to I’m honored that he could find the time (with his first child on the way no less), to be willing to join the team and contribute each month. His debut piece, It’s Time To Celebrate Bruce Sutter Day, looks at some of the unknown, really bad contracts in the history of the game.

Other work from this issue will discuss the long and winding journey of Bartolo Colon, long time big league back-up catcher Tom Lampkin and his place on the 116-win Mariners of 2001, a piece about the Mets’ franchise you might not have heard before, an examination of big league managers, who have done much better AFTER their first opportunity might not have, and Christine Sisto’s continuing series on the origins of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and what the borough of Brooklyn meant to the identity of the franchise from its earliest days through their earliest success.

So sit back, grab a warm beverage, as the World Series is now over, and winter is just around the corner, and enjoy the November digital download issue of Baseball Magazine! And if you are feeling so inclined, and want your voice heard on any of the work you’ve read this month, feel free to contact us directly: Thank you again for reading our work, and we hope you’ll find it as entertaining to read, as it was for us to create.


Billy Brost and Dan Hughes

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