The Bad Bounce That Jose Canseco Never Lived Down

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Mandatory Credit:

For all the strength and brawn that Jose Canseco showed during his baseball career, he may be remembered most for the night in May of 1993 when he hilariously used his head.

Even with his 462 career home runs, his 1,407 career runs batted in and his two MLB home run crowns, he may be remembered forever for one horrible fielding exhibition. While playing in the outfield for the Texas Rangers, Canseco moved gingerly toward the outfield wall and waited for a fly ball to drop down into his glove. But as he staggered into position, the baseball apparently had other ideas. Instead of landing in his glove for the out, the ball bounced off of Canseco´s head and hopped over the wall for a home run.

“I really didn’t feel it,” Canseco said, according to “I really don’t know what happened other than I was looking for the wall and the ball nicked off my glove and hit my head.” The batter, Cleveland Indians Carlos Martinez, was overjoyed with the gift. But the episode was not the only gaffe of the game for Canseco. Later in the game, the Indians Carlos Baerga lifted another fly ball toward him. This time, Jose drifted into the right field corner and misjudged the play again. Thinking that it was merely a foul ball, he took his time retrieving the ball and returning it to the infield. But umpire John Shulock ruled that Jose had touched the ball in fair territory. So as Canseco completed the play at his leisure, Baerga cruised into third base.

Canseco´s explanation for his lack of fielding prowess was also amusing. “He said I touched the ball in fair territory, but I didn’t touch it,” Canseco said, “The only ball I touched was the one that hit off my head.” For some unimaginable reason, Jose felt the need to top his disastrous feat. So three days later, he took the mound as a pitcher at Fenway Park. He sought to show that although he had fielding deficiencies, he could still both hit and pitch. When it was all over, there was one thing that was abundantly clear: Jose Canseco was no Babe Ruth!

One thought on “The Bad Bounce That Jose Canseco Never Lived Down

  1. Good reminder of one of the more bizarre moments in baseball history. If anyone knows someone who was at that game, I would appreciate it if you can tell me. Thanks!


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