It’s Baseball Trivia Time From Baseball Magazine!

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Mandatory Credit:

Well, it’s a few weeks into spring training, teams are coming into form, there’s been a suspension, a non-suspension, and a controversial retirement. Close out your work week by kicking back, and taking this random baseball trivia quiz from the staff here at Baseball Magazine! We hope you enjoy trying to answer these questions as much as we did trying to come up with them for you! Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how you did!

1. Which pitcher in the 1980s set a record for starting 37 games and could not complete even one?

A. Jack Morris  B. Dwight Gooden  C. Steve Bedrosian  D. Bert Blyleven

2. When the National League was established, they fielded eight teams. Who was the last of those teams to appear in a World Series?

A. Brooklyn Dodgers  B. St. Louis Cardinals C. Pittsburgh Pirates  D. Chicago Cubs

3. Name the two players who tied for third in the American League in home runs in 1961:

A. Rocky Colavito and Ted Williams  B. Jackie Jensen and Yogi Berra  C. Harmon Killebrew and Jim Gentile 

4. Who gave up Roberto Clemente‘s 3000th and final career big league hit?

A. Jon Matlack  B. Bob Forsch  C. Tommy John  D. Bob Gibson

5. Which team held Pete Rose hitless to end his 44-game hitting streak?

A. Montreal Expos  B. Philadelphia Phillies  C. Los Angeles Dodgers  D. Atlanta Braves

6. Who set the National League record for consecutive innings without allowing a bases-on-balls?

A. John Smoltz  B. Adam Wainwright  C. David Wells  D. Greg Maddux

7. What Hall of Famer was picked off using the hidden ball trick during the 1964 World Series?

A. Reggie Jackson  B. Harmon Killebrew  C. Rod Carew  D. Mickey Mantle

8. Who was the first hitter in big league history, to finish a season batting under .200, while hitting at least 25 home runs?

A. Mark Reynolds  B. Mark McGwire  C. Rob Deer  D. Kevin Mitchell

9. In 1986, one pitcher tossed two no-hitters during the season. Name him.

A. Brian Fisher  B. Dennis Rasmussen  C. John Candelaria  D. Doug Cinnella

10. During Rickey Henderson‘s 130-stolen base season, how many times was he caught stealing?

A. 53  B. 69  C. 42  D. 38

There you have it! Hopefully some of these questions made you think, or at least do some quick Google research of your own! How did you do? Let us know on Twitter! Have a great weekend, and be sure to keep checking back in with us as Baseball Magazine continues to post fresh content each and every day for your hardball enjoyment!




The Answers:

  1. C.
  2. B.
  3. C.
  4. A.
  5. D.
  6. D.
  7. D.
  8. C.
  9. D.
  10. C.

**Special thanks to Patrick Greene for the correction on Question #8!



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