About Baseball Magazine

Baseball Magazine is being brought back from the grave, not as it’s now-defunct print version, but in digital format. Our goal as a staff is to celebrate and provide thought-provoking commentary on the history of the game, while tying in contemporary baseball topics and their relevance on our National Pastime.

A little history about the original Baseball Magazine

It was the first monthly baseball magazine published in the United States.The magazine was founded by Boston sportswriter Jake Morse prior to the 1908 season.It continued publishing through 1957 before shutting down for good. The print version of the magazine also provided human interest stories about baseball stars, such as Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson, and that is also something that today’s Baseball Magazine will provide as well.

Mr. Morse stated that his mission in starting Baseball Magazine was to “fill the need of a monthly organ filled with the highest thought surrounding the game, well edited, well printed, and filled with first class illustrations.

It’s Mr. Morse’s vision and goals that we intend to carry on with this new version of his brain child, Baseball Magazine. His thoughts and believes will be tightly-woven into every single piece that appears on this site.

A monthly baseball publication was unique for the times. The monthly format permitted lengthy examination of baseball issues which the weekly Sporting Life and its competitor The Sporting News didn’t often pursue with their focus on on-the-field results. “Baseball has never had a magazine of its own, while almost every other sport has a high class publication,” stated Mr. Morse in the very first issue back in 1908. (Charles Bevis, SABR)

In late 1910, less than three years after the founding of the magazine, Joseph Potts replaced Mr. Morse as president of Baseball Magazine. He remained as editor for a time, but the December 1911 issue was the last one he edited. F.C. Lane, who had joined the publication as associate editor for the July 1911 issue, became the editor of Baseball Magazine effective with the January 1912 issue. Lane relocated the magazine’s office to New York City and expanded the editorial content to “outdoor sports” such as football and ice hockey, and published more mainstream articles that appealed to a broader readership. (Bevis, SABR)

Where the original Baseball Magazine left off, is where the 21st century version wants to begin. Quite a bit has occurred in the game since the last issue was published in 1957. We intend to close that gap, while remaining fresh and relevant in regards to today’s game as well.

*Portions of this entry were used and collected from the Society For American Baseball Research.



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